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Our hearts and prayers go out to Japan.


I started making these toys when I started having grandchildren. I have been crocheting for many years and wanted to bring joy to my grandchildren. Out of that desire came A+ Baby Crochet. Babies and toddlers will enjoy these safe baby crochet items that are easy for mom and grandma to crochet for their baby, grand-baby, or toddler.

My baby crochet patterns, with easy to read instructions, can be downloaded in .PDF format. All patterns come with a list of materials needed to make the item(s) you choose. The measurements of the crocheted piece are indicated on each manual. NOTE: Your crocheted piece may look differently from the photos since different tension of stitches are used by the crocheter.

If any errors are found in a pattern that you have purchased, we will be happy to replace your pattern with a corrected copy for free. I hope your babies and toddlers enjoy the toys as much as my grandchildren have.

It is recommended that you use only dye free yarn. Dye free yarn will help promote safety in toys for babies and children.

Do not dry these film canisters in the dryer. Any plastic in the toys will melt. It is recommended that you wash these toys by hand and let them air dry.

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Our Hopes and Prayers go out to Japan

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